earn money by making games

Some people may know the method I am going to teach today (About earning money by making games without coding), but I think there are some people who do not know about it. Okay, let me tell you what I’m going to say today. That’s what Buildbox Software is all about. This software is a piece of software. For someone who is interested, getting out of this software is not a big deal.

Earn money by making games without coding

This software is used to create games. But you know that making a game is not an easy task. The programming side is so good that a normal engine can develop a game from there. But without any such programming knowledge from this Buildbox software. It’s like creating a photo in Photoshop by dragging and dropping it to easily create our own 2D game for our own idea. Another special feature of this software is that we can export our game to all Apple, Android, and Windows. That is another big advantage of this software.

money by making games without coding

Buildbox Official Website – https://signup.buildbox.com/

I think you have a little idea about the software. If you want more details, I will put a link below, just go through it and see the exact details. I will put step by step how to create a game with this software.

Now let’s see how we can make money by making games without coding
This is how it happens. You probably know about mobile app monetization. That is the method we are targeting. Think of it this way. You have played a game on your phone like that. You have seen in those games, one ad is displayed as soon as it is out, and so on in other places. That is what we are trying to do.

That means we make a good game using the software I mentioned earlier. Then we place ads on a good ad network (Admob) and we publish our game. Then we display ads to the person who downloads and plays our game. There are many successful ways to do this. I know a list below about some types of ads.

Ads for Earn money by Making games without Coding

Banner Ads

This is a small ad in the middle or bottom of the game when the user is playing the game or in another menu. Showing up somewhere.

Industrial Ads 

 In this type of ad, the ad comes to our entire display. The best time to know this ad is to think that someone playing our game is out. It’s okay to put this on at that point. You can know more places though.

Reward Videos

This type of ad is like giving a gift to the person who plays our game after viewing a video or another small ad. For example. You can give Coin Free in the game and after displaying this ad you will think that you are out of the game. If you want to start all over again, you can open an ad and play it. There are many other ways you can use this type of ad

But the most important thing here is that we put this ad so that it does not bother the person playing our game. Or no more life

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Earn money by making games

How to promote your game?

promote your game to Earn money by making games without coding

There are many ways to do that. One of the most successful methods is Adwords (Facebook, Google). What happens is we add an ad about our game to target the gamers who surf the internet and show them (Europe). It can add new people to our game. You display an ad for at least $ 3 a day and invest $ 90 a month, which means you can get around 1000 downloads in a month (depending on the quality of your game).

According to the information I have found so far, about 1000 downloads per month means that at least 500 have downloaded and removed our game (by the end of the month) so then our active users are around 500. Let’s just say it’s at least 100 played a day. Then let’s say the average number of ad clicks is around 20 per day. Suppose at least $ 10 came in a day. Then if we look at $ 10 a day for a month and $ 300 a month (I can’t say for sure, this is just an example) then we spent $ 90 a month promoting our game for $ 90 a month. Then our profit for that month was $ 210.

The same process is used to update the game almost every month to bring more people to our game. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. Then ours was $ 750 a month. I just said that. It is not impossible to work hard.

But let me say one thing. Not everything is as easy as it sounds. Commitment is important.

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How can I make money without coding and games?

Can I make games without coding?

How can I make money without coding?

How can I earn money by making games?

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